Movie Boat Names

Boats and ships from the big screen can provide lots of inspiration when naming your boat! Maybe you want to feel like Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl or perhaps you would rather have some fun while paying tribute to Jaws by naming your boat after the Orca? Either way, checkout our list of movie boat names below to get started!

Movie: Lethel Weapon 2

Cotton Blossom

Movie: Showboat

Das Boot

Movie: Das Boot


Movie: Summer Rental


Movie: The Flintstones


Movie: Final Countdown


Movie: Poseidon

Red October

Movie: The Hunt for Red October

SS Essess

Movie: Hot Shots

SS Venture

Movie: King Kong


Movie: Sopranos

Suck My Wake

Movie: The Great Outdoors

The African Queen

Movie: The African Queen

The Belafonte

Movie: The Life Aquatic

The Black Pearl

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

The Boat

Movie: One Crazy Summer

The Damfino

Movie: Several Buster Keaton Movies

The Flying Wasp

Movie: Caddyshack

The Orca

Movie: Jaws

The Surprise

Movie: Master and Commander